Transitions® Drivewear®


Yellowish Green



Transitions® Drivewear® is the combination of two most technological advanced technology; Transitions® and Nupolar® Polarized lens. Drivewear® offers one of the most perfect visual solutions by protecting wearer vision against glare and offering photochromic performance that activate against ultra-violet and visible light.

-   Originally green/yellow colour lens which provide high contrast in low light or overcast

-   Activate to copper colour when behind windshield to enhancing depth perception and colour recognition

-   Activate to red-brown colour which filtering excess light when in bright outdoor light

Target User

-   For those who want best visual acuity for daytime driving and spend more time outdoors

-   For those who want protection out from UV and blinding glare

-   For those who want a combination of lens (polarize and photochromic

-   For those who want to have a lens that change conditions follow by daylight driving   conditions


-   Polarized to block blinding glare and photochromic to block visible and UV light

-   Adapt to changing light conditions to enhance visual performance

-   Driving to be more enjoyable with optimum color in all daylight conditions

-   Lessen eye fatigue and improve contrast

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