Transition® lenses is a types of photochromic lenses that changes color once expose to ultra-violets. It is a lens that works great during day and night and/or indoors and outdoors. It offers ultimate comfort for wearer during day time when the lens changes quickly from clear indoors to darker under the bright sunlight to reduce glare thus enhancing visual comfort by reducing eye strain and fatigue.

-    Clear lens during indoors and night

-    Changes color when expose to sunlight

-    Fade back quickly from dark sunglass to clear lens once indoors

-    Effectively block 100% of UVA & UVB, glare, sunlight

-    Available in different indexes thus offering thin and light lenses.

     Target User

-    For those who spend a lot in outdoors or indoors

-    For those who are concerned with the dangers of UV rays

-    For those who want a lens that darkens and lightens quickly

-    For those who want a convenient lenses for all day use

-    For those who had special eye or medical conditions

-    For any age especially children


-    block 100% UVA & UVB and most kinds of glare

-    Convenience ways that automatically adjust to darken when outdoors and quickly fade back when indoors

-    A healthy sight of lens which provide visual comfort way

-    Lessen eye fatigue and eye strain

-    Control the right amount of light to reach your eyes

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