Transitions® Xtractive®




Transitions® Xtractive® is the best choice for your eyes. It is a photochromic lens specially designed to go extra dark outdoors and activate behind the windshield of the car. Base on Ultra-Violet and Visible Light activation, Transitions® Xtractive® is also specially design for better activation under warm climate.

-    A lens that are clear indoors and night

-    Extra dark outdoors especially in warm climate

-    Effectively block 100% of UVA & UVB, glare and visible light

-    Moderate activation even behind the tint of windshield

-    An option for any frame and prescription

-    Highly Recommended by eye care professional

Target User

-    For those who prefer a darker lens when spend a lot of time outdoors

-    For those who like to have a slight tint indoors lens

-    For those who want to have moderate activation photochromic behind the windshield of a car

-    For those who want to have only one pair of eyeglasses as sunglasses as well


-    Protect eyes from glare and block 100% UVA and UVB

-    Darkest lens suitable for daily use under warm climate

-    Change light automatically depend on outdoors condition

-    Slight indoors and moderate activation even behind windshield

-    Lessen eye fatigue and eye strain

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