Silicone Lens Coating

Silicone lens coating

With modern Anti-Reflection Coating that includes Super Hydrophobic Top Coat (Excellent Slippery Treatment), Onelens have made it easy to all Optical Shops by applying Silicone Coat (Anti-Slippery Treatment) during the glazing process. This prevents accidental slip to all lenses while applying glazing process.

SILICONE - super splash coating

Higher clarity

Anti reflection


Super splash

Anti oil and dust

Easy processing

Silicone tight coating

Zirconium element coating

Super splash lens coating

Flourine element coating

Super high transparent rate

No glare

Anti-scratch, durable

Super-smooth waterproof

Anti oil and dust

High anti snudge

With the implant of silicon treatment technology, the coating molecules will evaporate and compacturize on the surface of the lens to prevent any water droplet penetrating into the coating layer.

Normal coating lens structure is loose and low hardness, water easily penetrate.
Silicone coating has very hard, tight binding molecules, water droplet cannot easily penetrate.

Silicone super splash coating will reduce the surface contact angle, which will increase the smoothness of the surface to enable easy cleaning of any dirt particles, water contact angle and any oil residue.

The water droplets condensation angle is about 95 degrees, and has higher coverage area, hence it is very easy for dust and liquid to gather on the lens.
The water droplets condensation angle is more than 110 degrees, and has a smaller coverage area, hence dust and list will slide off the lens.